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Breath of Life | 3 Ways to breathe better

Hold your breath for about 2 minutes. Seriously. If you calm your heart and stop freaking out about delayed brain activity, you can do it. Or can you? Actually the real question is should you, it’s hard to do because we need to breathe. But what if I told you that we haven’t been breathing […]

Ageism: We will not go silently into the night

Let’s discuss the age ole topic of AGE. Buahaha! Here’s my favorite fact about age: It’s gunna happen to all of us. But you have a choice. You can age. Or get old. I choose to age… Many people tend to feel that aging can be ‘handled’ and ‘controlled’. There’s the idea that those who embrace it […]

Top Ten Hits that will Move You Forever

We will all age. But getting old is something that we can defy in our present moment. By taking actions now, you can maintain the body and mind as you prepare for age. It’s a mind game but the body can adapt and you never have to fear old age as a death sentence but […]

QiTime TV | Watch, Laugh, Learn with Angi!

Truths and Myths about those Six Pack Abs

  We’re often bombarded by HARD CORE FITNESS and we fall prey to what’s popular and desired in fitness. When we are not aware of the facts, we can become stuck, frustrated and possibly injured. In this video, you’ll learn the truths about Six Pack Abs and what this means to your health!    

Stress, the Number One Killer!

Today’s QiTime TV topic focuses on the MYMA Mentality of STRESS. How often do you get stressed over mundane issues? How do we deal with it? How do we react to it? How to we recognize it? Learn how to release anxiety and know it’s affects on the body. Discover ways to identify and let go […]

QiTime TV Episode 3 | Fitness Fashion Forward

Well here at the ever growing team of MYMA headquarters, I am excited and thrilled to introduce you to Stacy Longbottomsfieldsworth and Sven. These two have come from overseas to host Fitness Fashion Forward, a new trending how that discusses what’s ‘hot and what’s not’ in the fitness industry today! Enjoy!