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5 Mentalities that can Change How You Exercise: Mentality #5

Mentality #5 “I know what I like dang it!” The importance of a confident mentality  The most important aspect of a healthy mentality while you workout (or as I say: exploring your movement!) is in knowing WHO YOU ARE!! I always say, you can get INSPIRED by someone but don’t ASPIRE to be someone. You […]

5 Mentalities That Can Change How You Exercise: Mentality #4

Mentality #4: “I am working out to feel GOOD” The importance of a loving mentality When you workout to feel good, your body’s hormones are used for good! Your cortisol levels are down, your healing hormones take affect as your dopamine and endorphins leave you feeling fulfilled and healthy!! Many assume that fitness is about […]

5 Mentalities That Can Change How You Exercise: Mentality #3

Mentality #3 “I don’t care what others think” The importance of a courageous mentality A new student after class said to me, “Angi, I saw your Facebook posts and then decided to take your classes because…well, you don’t take yourself very seriously and I like that!” BOOM! Best compliment since “Angi, you have big teeth.” […]

QiTime TV | Watch, Laugh, Learn with Angi!

Force + Movement

Learn how to not force your movement. Use your time during exercise to explore the body and treat it with kindness. Go slow and move smart! Check out this week’s QiTime TV episode.

Balanced Health and Fertility

While you may not be wanting to have a baby, discover how similar natural fertility methods are to what you’d be working towards for a balanced lifestyle.