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What people are saying about MYMA

I teach Pilates and am a very active woman in my (very) early 60’s and was experiencing back pain that was limiting my practice. Angi teaches the importance of balance in fitness and I was made aware of my lack of maintenance. 

After my first MYMA class, the pain in my back was gone–and the simple techniques were easy to repeat at home. On a recent trip, I packed a couple of balls in my carry-on and MYMA-ed (that should be a verb) my feet in the airport during a long layover. And each day on my vacation, I MYMA-ed my feet and lower back–we walked miles each day, and I believe that MYMA helped me maintain that level of activity.

Cross Training is my workout but I wanted to add a routine to keep me from injury. MYMA Restore is a great compliment to the conditioning and strength classes. Flexibility and range of motion has always been something I needed to put more consistent emphasis and MYMA is a great way to make body maintenance part of my gym routine. 

MYMA has helped me with improving my flexibility and range of motion, increasing my body awareness and recovery after exercise. Using MYMA techniques to massage and stretch ensures my body is not compensating for tight muscles or joints.

I am a busy 65years lady who travels all the time. I travel extensively and MYMA has certainly helped me ‘on the road’. MYMA has developed routines that are easy to remember, movement that feels good, and opens up a world of possibilities for self-healing at my fingertips!