Make Your Mind Aware

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Make Your Mind Aware of what your body needs to a live a happy, fulfilled life in a sustainable body.
When you become part of the MYMA Movement it will immediately change your mentality towards fitness.
It will not only shape how you move and care for yourself but it will prepare your mind to meet the challenge of change.

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Bamboo Bodies® Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a Bamboo Bodies teacher? We have a 6 week teacher training course that you can take online to become a certified Bamboo Bodies instructor. Get your Qi flowing and start learning to teach this intense but zen work out.

Online Routines

Coming Soon! MYMA routines you can purchase and download.


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The Latest from the MYMA Blog

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    Spring back into health this season!

    New Season, New Beginnings. Hello all. And Happy Spring! Today celebrates the day of Spring Equinox, not only are we ready to get out of Winter jackets, we are ready for SUMMER!! But hold fast my eager bunnies…. for Spring is easily forgotten as LATE WINTER. We’re so ready for the beach time, flip flops, and barbecues […]

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    Six pack abs or six pack of beer?

    Which of the above is better for you? If you are my father, you will have already guess correct. The six pack of beer. WHAT?! “Angi. You teach health and now you’re promoting alcohol? My goodness. The scandal.” Oh have a drink and chill for a moment and lemme explain the genius behind this subject […]

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    5 Mentalities That Can Change How You Exercise: Mentality #1

    Mentality #1 “I am in this moment” The importance of a present mentality All this week we’ve narrowed your mentality down to #1.. workout with a present mind.  No.. you do not have to necessarily “ommmmm” during a workout… However, allowing your mind to be present can condition your mind and spirit. Not everyone walks […]

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What people are saying about MYMA

Over the years your body changes and you don’t like to admit that you can’t do what you use to. It’s been 3 years of incorporating MYMA into my everyday life and I am still amazed at how much I am becoming more aware of my own body as well as having the knowledge and power to make it feel good in an instant.

Angi is a hands-on instructor who helps you get the most out of every MYMA session.  Angi’s knowledge of the human anatomy is impressive. During the MYMA classes she takes the time to help you identify what is causing soreness or stiffness in your body and shows you how to alleviate these problems. The best part is her movement recommendations are simple yet effective. It’s easy to incorporate what you learn in class into your daily routine. A MYMA Routine!

MYMA has made my morning!! With the MYMA mentality, I think every morning how important it is to ‘open’ all your muscles and breath. My feet feel so good as does the rest of my body after my MYMA morning routine. I am thankful for Angi and her devotion to MYMA and helping all of us feel better with a simple but such a responsive technique.