MYMA® has been helping in little and big ways! ​

"I have to confess, when clients started coming up to me saying they were happy with how MYMA was transforming their outlook on how they treat their bodies, I was blown away! My mission is always to make people feel confident and knowledgeable about their OWN bodies. Trust me, I cannot tell them what to do, or here is this specific treatment plan that will heal you all. Instead, we come as a group but learn within our own ways. Comedy is my main attempt in teaching the basics of fitness, anatomy, movement, and health. My clients put the rest together and USE this knowledge to help themselves. For this I am grateful for such an amazing clientele who are funny, smart, and dedicated".


Bouncing back!

Aging with Wisdom.

"I never thought that Angi and 2 tennis balls could help me so much with my neck and shoulder problems. I'd define her MYMA Stretch class as a massage that put ME in control." ~ Barbara B.

"My feet and calves used to cramp up a lot after dancing. But after Angi's MYMA Stretch Workshop, I did just what she demonstrated for the lower body, massage and stretch helped me!" ~Erin D.



"Angi has an amazing understanding of the body and she shares her knowledge with everyone. I'm excited to see where MYMA goes." ~Jack G.

"Angi constantly introduces techniques to determine our strong and weak areas and teaches us how to treat them ourselves. It's a class you can take home or on the road.~Cynthia


"I never would have found myself at my age rock climbing. Me? Rock Climbing?! But MYMA has helped me become strong and knowledgeable in my body. I listen during the MYMA Stretch classes and they are intense. MYMA has helped me in so many ways." ~Dinka K.

Oh baby baby!
Cutting it close...

"I would have never gotten through my pregnancy if it weren't for Angi teaching me MYMA. The MYMA Mentality gave me peace in knowing that I could help myself while my body changed." ~Kate W.

"MYMA Mama was just what I needed after the baby was born. I was in need of a positive outlook in understanding my changed body and how to re-train my body to be strong once again!" ~Lauren D.

"It was during my pregnancy that I learned a lot about my body. I never knew I was capable of so much. My highlights were spending time with Angi working on self-massage with the balls." ~Sabrina K.


"Working as a hairstylist is really hard on the body. But MYMA has taught me exercises and stretches that will help me for years to come!" ~Rosie S. @ Fringe Salon NY, NY